A guide to awards available to the 30th Reigate Group's members.

m-cs-mbWorld Membership Badge

 This is a universal badge that is shared not only across sections but also across countries and continents. This same badge is worn by every scout in the world and is the symbol that unites the scouting movement and is the emblem of it's unique position in the world.
st-as-it1Staged Activity Awards

These awards are available to all sections and are intended to be a single progressive measure of skill in a discipline. The six different badges (IT, First Aid, Music, Hikes Away, Nights Away and Swimming) each come in a set of levels. This means that the badge achivement can match the development of the young person. It is therefore possible for a highly skilled Beaver to be on a higher stage than an Explorer who is just setting out in that skill. An example that illustrates this is that an early learning swimmer or someone who does not learn until later.

Swimming, Music, First Aid and IT each have five levels (1 to 5), Nights Away and Hikes Away are numbered to represent number of participations in that activity (1, 5, 10, 20, 35, etc).

A young person should always wear only the highest of each staged badge type that they have gained on the uniform. This badge can be carried forward between sections.

be-as-crcu-as-arsc-as-clex-as-canoActivity Awards

 Each section has it's own range of activity awards that are available and are centred around the skills and interests most often seen in that age range. Some awards are generic in nature and can be applied to the activity being undertaken by the young person, others are more specific with a defined set of criteria for achivement.

Each section's badges are a different colour. Beavers' are yellow with a blue border; Cubs' are red with a yellow border; Scouts' are blue with a red border and Explorers' are blue with a pale blue border.


be-cs-fichcu-cs-cochsc-cs-adchChallenge Badges




be-cs-csacu-cs-csasc-cs-csaChief Scouts Awards

 The highest awards in the Beaver, Cub and Scout sections are the Bronze, Silver and Gold Chief Scouts awards respectively. The awards are earned by completing other badges and specific challenges during their time in the section. Completion is challenging and is not something that will be earned automatically.


ex-cs-cspaex-cs-csdaqsaChief Scout & Queen Scout Awards

 These are the main progressive awards for the Explorer Section and Scout Network. They are the Chief Scout's Platinum, Chief Scout's Diamond and the Queen's Scout Award which is the highest award available in scouting. These three awards are linked to the DofE awards: Bronze, Silver and Gold and the activities used to earn one can be used to qualify for the other. 


 ex-cs-moaMoving on Awards

 The mark the change between sections there are a series of "moving on" activities and challenges to allow a young person to prepare for their new age range. Completing these activities will earn the young person this award. There is a different award for each transition between sections.


J1J5J12 Participation Awards

For each year a young person is a member of scouting, they earn a participation badge indicating the number of years they have been a member. A member starting in Beavers may have reached number 12 by the time they get to the end of Explorers; or someone who first joins at explorers may only reach number 4 by the time they move onto Network. The four most recent awards can be worn on the uniform.


ga-cs-int Group Awards

 These awards are earned by young people and leaders from more than one section working together on an extended project or set of themed activities. They can earned by all sections including leaders and fit into one of the themes: International, Faith and Environment.

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