We are an active and highly successful explorer unit based in the heart of the Surrey North Downs.

We have a lot to brag about:

  • Our Unit was the first in Reigate district, starting in Sept 2001 (six months before the official section launch).glacierwalk
  • Thanks, in part, to our growth our District is now one of the largest in Surrey in terms of explorer numbers.
  • Our dynamic programme has provided the inspiration to retain young people in scouting for longer, and provide a greater range of experiences.
  • Members from our unit have gone on to become community leaders within scouting including taking out leadership warrants and founding our local Reigate District Scout Network.

We consider ourselves at the very forefront of the 21st century resurgence in scouting.

About iExplore: Although we are proudly part of the 30th Reigate Group; we have our own "iExplore" identity to appeal to an expanded audience that pendulumjumpmight otherwise be discouraged by the traditional scouting brand.

A Stimulating Programme: We strive to develop the leadership, teamwork and development potential of our members; running a wide range of activities on a massive range of topics. We ensure all of our activities are entertaining, educational and of value; and we aim to deliver a balanced programme over the course of each year. The programme is specifically pitched at the 14-18yr age range to provide appropriate stimulus. The unit makes the very best use of available venues, spending time indoors at our Group HQ, at activity centres, outdoors locally and further afield. We run camps regularly providing young people with a sense of independance and self sufficiency.

About Explorers: Explorers (formally Explorer Scouts) is a section of the Scout Association in the United Kingdom for 14 to 18 year olds. Since its introduction in 2001,


when it replaced Venture Scouts, it has provided a flexible and active Scouting programme for it's members, with an emphasis on personal challenge and adventure.


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